Family Tradition Long-Sleeve T-Shirts

The Wyomissing Drama Club is built on long-standing traditions, much like many families throughout our community. We’ve embraced these customs as every generation has passed through our program. We’ve welcomed countless Wyomissing Area students into our Drama Club family, and they’ve found solace in the traditions that the thespians before them have created. Join us in celebrating the Family Tradition that is the Wyomissing Drama Club. Visit to order yours today!

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Junior High Drama Meeting

This meeting is for any student in grades 5 - 8 who is interested in Junior High Drama. The JrHigh director, Heather Troxell, will discuss the JrHigh’s involvement in the Fall Thing as well as the Spring JrHigh Musical. Please bring a friend who may be interested! (Note: cast is for Wyomissing Area students in grades 5 - 8, but crew is for 7 - 12.)